G8495 - Feline Sympathy Pet Cards

G8495 - Feline Sympathy Pet Cards

G8495 - Feline Sympathy Pet Cards

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Comfort the cat lovers in your life. Death is part of life and while sadness is part of losing a special pet, it also presents an opportunity to care for someone in need. Sympathy pet cards are hands down the best way to meet your clients where they are. It's a chance to reach out to them and treat them with compassion. While other businesses may look for ways to automate and treat clients like numbers, your business can stand out by treating clients like people and comforting them during a challenging time. Veterinarians and pet professionals from across the country use pet sympathy cards because they care about their clients. When the death of a pet occurs, send a special pet sympathy card and touch a hurting client family. Click 'Add to Cart' to have stock on hand.

Front: With Sympathy

Inside: the heart that has loved an animal friend is a gentle heart indeed. may happy memories of your cat bring you comfort at this time of loss

Product Details: Package of one dozen 5 x 7 greeting cards and one dozen color-coordinated envelopes.

• Artwork by Todd Reifers

• Verse by Kimberly Rinehart

• Printed on recycled paper with 30% post-consumer waste

• Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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